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Here you can find different types of water purifiers for both business and private use. The descriptions will help you choose the perfect model that will suit your needs. If you have doubts or you would like to have professional guidance, please contact us. We can also help with solutions for, among other things: Cafes, restaurants, dentists, window cleaners, workshops, both large and small ships, as well as industry and much more..

We also offer electricity saving lamps for offices, production facilities and outdoor lighting. At the same time, we are working to make Denmark more environmentally friendly and can offer outdoor lighting on solar panels.

Look at our range in different categories:

Water purification
Softening system 
Anti-calcium system

With a reverse osmosis system                         Hard water is not a threat to                        The anti-calcium system 

you do not have to worry about                         health or life-threatening, but it                    without salt and chemicals

pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine,                   still gives certain inconvenience.                 Vulcan is a water treatment

calcium, bacteria, bad taste or bad                   With softening system you will                    system without using

smell. It all gets filtered away, UV                     be free from such inconvenience.                chemicals, but with Vulcan

light makes the water sterile,                                                                                                  Impulse Technology treats

and a mineral filter adds minerals to                                                                                      water physically and breaks

the water again. A reverse osmosis                                                                                      calcium.

systems increase water purification

on a completely new level.